The Planet Arion

ArionThe planet Arion orbits the star named Kithara. It is situated in a large cluster of stars where dozens of Earthlike planets exist. As the closest and most Earth-like planet in the cluster, Arion is ten thousand light years from Earth. Other planets in the Milky Way were considered, being much closer to Earth, but none of them offered the amount of growing room that mankind needed. Since the nations of the solar system had only enough combined resources to send a single colonization fleet across the stars, it was determined that Arion was the best choice; it would be mankind’s new home, as well as a gateway to other planets in the star cluster.

The only risk that mankind’s leaders took in choosing Arion was one they couldn’t avoid; with Arion so far away, they could only see what it looked like ten thousand years in the past. Since ten millennia is the blink of an eye, geologically speaking, it was determined the risk was minimal. A fleet of six city-sized ships left the solar system in the year 4117, carrying ten million colonists and the supplies they would need to create a new industrial complex on Arion. They were expected to return to Earth fifty years later to make another trip. Now, after five hundred years, they have still not been heard from.

The Marshals of Arion, Book one, The Narrow Path To War, will be published July 21, 2014. Add your name to the mailing list so you can get the announcement.

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