The Nakajima

NakajimaOf the six original city-sized ships from Earth, only two landed on Arion. The Founders landed the Celeste on a plateau, believing the thick bedrock would support its weight. However, after magnetic anomalies and seismic activity cracked the plateau, the Celeste began settling into the broken strata. Five hundred years later, only fragments of the once-majestic ship can be seen protruding through the rubble.

The Nakajima fared better. Its captain landed on the shores of Arion’s only large body of water, the Jovian Sea. Though its electrical systems were short-circuited by the disruptions in Arion’s core, the soft sediment beneath the hull allowed it to maintain its structural integrity. After five hundred years, the lower half of the ship is partially flooded, while the top half is used by the jovian leader as his capital city and personal fortress.

This is a sketch of the Nakajima, as drawn by Norio.

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