History of the Codex

Not long after Earth’s colonists landed on Arion, magnetic disruptions in the planet’s core began eroding their technology away. Their propulsion systems failed. Computers failed. Even the simplest of electronic machines failed.

Many believed the magnetic fields were too strong to overcome, and that recovering their technology was a lost cause. For them, it was better to accept their loss and learn to live off the land. Others refused to accept that fate, and began using an age-old method of saving their knowledge. Using natural ink found in caves, they wrote all their knowledge on sheepskin paper, saving it for the day that mankind would rediscover it and return to the stars. This was how the Codex was created, a book containing all the engineering disciplines, maps of the stars, and even the secrets of the atom.

Over time, mistrust grew around those who possessed the Codex. None of the technology written within had survived Arion’s turbulent magnetic field, yet many feared that those with the knowledge held too much power over those who did not have it. Efforts were made to destroy the Codex, resulting in the loss of all but a few copies. Those were eventually broken up into individual pages and hidden by those who wished to protect them. With no more copies known to exist, its existence faded to rumor. Within a century, it was forgotten.

Three hundred years later, a gardener stumbled upon a piece of vellum with a simple map of Arion inscribed on it. It crumbled when he unrolled it, but he gleaned enough information from it to become curious. The map spoke of Earth’s technology and the places where it could be found. As the gardener was a traveler, he visited those places and found pages from the Codex. He knew advanced knowledge was forbidden by his culture, so he kept his discoveries secret by hiding them in the only place no one would ever find them; in the heart of a buried spaceship.

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