DL FrizzellDL Frizzell would never win an Oscar for ‘The Guy with the Most Conventional Life’, if there ever was such a category to begin with. Born in the suburbs of San Francisco, then raised on a farm in Moe Township, Minnesota, DL wound up finishing high school in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Having lived in a variety of places during his childhood, it only made sense to do the same as an adult, being stationed in various US Army schools for two years before being sent to Germany as a Russian linguist.

DL’s life took a drastic turn when he was diagnosed with malignant skin cancer in 1986. He was sent back to the states after a radical surgical procedure to remove the cancer from his right temple and neck. His chances of survival were slim, so he was medically discharged from the Army. After that, he travelled around the country every chance he got and savored what he could of life.

As the years passed, the cancer never returned. DL settled into as normal a life as he could. He worked a variety of blue-collar jobs until he found an IT job with the help of some friends. He went on to build his technology resume in some strange places, including one job building missile computers and another maintaining computers at a nuclear cleanup site in Golden, Colorado. Today, he still works in technology as an IT manager.

Regardless of the situations in his life, DL always wrote down his ideas of the future. Now, with his two oldest kids on their own, and the youngest in high school, DL has gathered his stories together to share them with the world. His first published work, called The Narrow Path to War, is available for purchase from this site and Amazon.

DL lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, their teenage son, and a poodle named Riley.

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